Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Getting more frustrated with Sony daily...

What the hell is up with the PSP? What DO you do with this thing? The video playback is abysmal. The media functions are horrible, why would you use this for portable music? A decent sized duo or hard drive costs as much as the PSP itself. Battery life? Pffff...

I thought these complaints were merely fanboy chatter...but they are true...

Constant release lists like these are just aggravating.

Some crappy movie gets released every week. Great. Where are the damn games? And why do they cost as much as a console game? Is there any original good IPs for this thing yet? I have portable emulators now on a big screen. Sweet. But that it? I can do that with my Pocket PC...

So since the Sony Cultists think that the PS3 is some "good deal", what about the PSP? You obviously are going to want one of those, too. You need it for your rearview mirror in some racing game apparently. The PS3 is supposed to make it more useful (but Sony rarely keeps their promises). So now you are at $800 dollars for the combination (need the wireless PS3). What a deal...

For $50 more than a PSP value pack, you could get a Core 360...hmmm...

On to PS2s....another PS2 laser crapped out in the house.

I'm looking at the collection of PS2 crap I have that is absolutely worthless

  • 3 broken slims

  • 2 bad brick lasers

  • 3 unused combo stands

  • 2 worthless 4-player adapters

  • a steering wheel

  • several extra, unused memory cards

  • a couple DVD remotes

  • PS2 mod chip (for homebrew and HDLoader!)

  • 3 unnecessary extra controllers

  • a network adapter

  • a hard drive

Sony, why don't you associate your name with quality again? My noisy DVD player and noisy PSP would appreciate it.


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