Wednesday, May 24, 2006

A less-well-put-together video of Sony's emabarrasments

Things to note:
  • "...based on actual historic battles..." then a giant crab shows up

  • idiots in actual Sony ads

  • "real-time weapon change" the weapon disappears and a new one re-appears

  • "no gimmicks" yet showing the PSP as a rearview mirror, eyetoy cardgame, and limited motion-sensing

Here's some silly comments.

I'd like to see useful PSP to PS3 integration (but I'm likely to be disappointed). The rear-view mirror thing is about worthless, but admittedly somewhat of a cool idea. That's one hell of an expensive rear-view mirror though.

Since they didn't provide us with dual HDMI outs, they've got to do something....right?


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