Sunday, May 21, 2006

HD-DVD attachment not necessary if you have Windows Media Center

One thing that a lot of 360 vs PS3 arguments miss is the fact that the HD-DVD attachment isn't even necessary for those with Windows Media Center.

WMC can stream movies in HD right now. And the 360 can be used to play it on a remote HDTV. Actually, you could even do this with the original Xbox!

I know, giving fuel to the fire is bad, but this is something worthy of being pointed out.

On a side note, I wonder if Windows Media Center can be used to abate HDCP?

And another idea; when a Bluray drive for the PC comes out, could Windows Media Center be used to stream Bluray to a 360?

I know I've been adamant about boycotting Bluray and HD-DVD, but things like this can be used to "stick it to the man". That makes it more fun than practical.

PS: Do you like my extremely shoddy picture? My real paint program is disagreeing with me, so you get MSPAINT at its finest.


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