Thursday, May 18, 2006

The attack of the PS3 pricing

ABI research says the pricing may hurt Sony

The Brittish get screwed even more ($800)


Sony should A: drop the shit, and B: stop lying through their teeth. I like the games, but their false claims and arrogance really get annoying.

Sorry, SCEE, but the, "..but it plays Bluray," response isn't going to make anyone get excited to pay so much for a gaming console. And stop saying that it's not a gaming console. The only reason we want it is BECAUSE it's a gaming console. Same with the PSP. Appropriate multimedia functions are good, but going over the top at our expense just won't do!

Damn them and their FFXIII-having-asses.


Blogger David said...

I know exactly what you mean. $400 for the 360 was a bit steep but $600 is outrageous. They aren't going to sell out due to system shortages but due to people not being able to afford it.

4:15 PM  

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