Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sony is romantic?

Japanese are still obsessed with the PS3

I mean, Sony *is* pretty romantic about it. They say all the shit you want to hear. And, for a while, it really did look like Sony would be making the future (ala Blade Runner) possible. Emotions this, Matrix that, open network, unregulated, limitless possibilties .. a new future ... HA! -cello

I found this funny at first, but it's actually true. Sony hooked us with the Playstation, even though it was a lesser performer of the generation. They brought us the idea of "possibilities" which were, for the most part, fulfilled with the PSX. When it was time for the PS2, they gave us hope to a brighter gaming future. They promised a ridiculous amount of features, and a powerhouse of graphical capabilities that would leave us in awe for the years to come. Even when that didn't happen, we still wanted to we did. I'd call that very romantic.

And maybe that's what we want. If there's too much honesty...will that keep us with high hopes for the future? Even through huge disappointments? When we invest all our hopes and expectations in a there no turning back?

It's hard to say. Maybe we are at a point in gaming when the disappointments are starting to outweigh the hopes and dreams. Maybe that is why the industry is declining.


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