Monday, May 15, 2006

Sony's pricing is negative to even non-gamers

Since Sony's E3 announcement, I've had several people ask me what I think about Sony's PS3 pricing. That might sound normal, but there was two problems. The first problem is the disheartening tone of the question. Is anybody content with the high pricing? The second problem is that even people that are not gamers have asked me this.

A few co-workers (who are substantially older than me) have brought it up and even my father. Now I'm not saying that older people do not game. What I do know is that some of these people game very little (if at all). My dad hasn't touched a video game in twenty years. Yet, even he thinks that the pastime has exceeded acceptable spending.

All of these people that have talked to me about this are parents. If the parent's aren't willing to take a dive, then that could reinforce the chatter of "Sony being in trouble this generation".


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