Wednesday, May 10, 2006

And the "underwhelming" statement becomes clear

Today's E3 information naturally arose some household chatter among room mates when I got home today. Everyone was flabberghasted at the price of the PS3.

One room mate wanted to start saving. I proceeded to explain the differences in the different PS3 models. From there, I showed him the trailers for the exclusive 360 games to come about, and I showed him part of Nintendo's videos from earlier today. After some discussion and more information, he's decided that he'd rather have a Nintendo Wii this year, and just wait for something good to come about the PS3 first. He also seems to think that "Dead Rising" is reason enough to own a 360. I think that's a bit premature, since we haven't played the game yet.

One room mate didn't believe Sony would charge that much. Even after I showed him that Sony presented the prices officially at E3. Straight from the horses mouth. He also seemed to think that having the same old PS2 controller was a good thing. Reminded me of my former self insisting that the dualshock was the best. This also led into him trying to tell me that the original Xbox didn't support HD. He was corrected immediately, and reminded him that the PS2 had little to NO HD support. After some fruitless back and forth talk, we ended up in agreement that it would be great if Nintendo could take the crown back. I love the 360 and all, but what Nintendo is doing with the Wii just looks like so much fun. "Like what gaming used to be," is what he said.

There was more to the conversations, but I want to stress what I learned. Room mate number 2 is not so much a gamer as he is a "regular consumer". After I pointed out why the Xbox versions looked so much better, I came to realize why he argued in the first place. First, he hasn't played the Xbox more than a handful of times. Second, he didn't experience the XBox in HD (and didn't even know it supported it).

This makes me wonder about all the "Xbox 1.5" comments. The only reason I could see coming about that notion is if the person in question played the 360 on an old television (non-flat, composite connection, low sharpness). I started on a 27" flat screen with a component connection and I noticed a difference. When I got my 51" HDTV, that changed the look of everything (albeit some games more than others). Fight Night looked good on my old TV, but looked amazing on my HDTV. Tiger Woods 2006 and Need for Speed were like that as well. However, a game like DOA4 doesn't seem that much different because of the graphical style. Not using an HDTV is like playing a PC game in 640 x 480 as opposed to 1024 x 768. That is noticeable to everyone.

I guess the two "power consoles" should be considered as REQUIRING an HDTV. Otherwise, you may not be that impressed with what you play. This leaves me thinking that the Wii will be more accepted than any of us think. Even without HD, a lot of games they montaged looked pretty good, and the demonstrations left us wanting to try out that new control scheme. Nintendo totally hooked me.


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