Friday, May 05, 2006

2nd time Sony's console is without an identity?

Wii is "New" Gen, not "Next"...

Self quote:
Actually, I was thinking about this the other day.

Even though I think Wii is probably one of the worst names Nintendo could have picked, I came to realize that Sony doesn't do any better.

PS2? PS3? At least all the other consoles got names. I mean, it would be awkward to call the PS3 the Playstation Nuclear 4D or whatever they would call it, but at least it would have an identity.

Not that Xbox 360 is the best name either, but it can be referred to as just "360" which ends up working out.

To reflect back, the Gamecube was the first Nintendo console that I consider to have a "name". Nintendo Entertainment System, Super Nintendo, and Nintendo 64 really aren't names. All of Sega's consoles had names: Master System, Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast.

As far as the 360 goes, I guess it could be arguable. "360" doesn't really represent a spec number or console count like N64, PS2, and PS3. The idea was it is an immersive experience for the user. Microsoft specifically says it represents the player at the center of the circle if you want the "official" explanation. But didn't that make sense without reading about it?

Of course, PS2 and PS3 don't need to be explained the expense of a cop out. I think going PS4, PS5, and beyond will get old after awhile.


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