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Commentor asks, "Why was I waiting for the PS3?"

14. Buy an xbox 360 and realize that the ps3 is not worth worrying about.

I used to be what you would call a Sony fanboy. I got hyped by Killzone, Killing Day, and a flash of next-gen Tekken. I downloaded every 2005 E3 trailer i could find. I even watched Kevin Pereira, with much difficulty, on G4 to get half assed ps3 leftovers. I later posted my ps3 "knowledge" on every joystiq post i could find regarding the system and sent in a ridiculous amount of sony articles just so i could prove to the holy kutaragi that i was a loyal follower. I even purchased a lot of Sony stock around December of last year not realizing it would drop like a brick after a lame keynote at CES.

Then I waited. February came, there was supposed to be a small gathering at a pub in england for ps3 developers. I expected to hear amazing things and of course i got nothing. March arrived and on the 15th we were given a late night press conference by Ken himself. He dropped bomb after bomb of amazing ps3 details: 60 GB required hard drive, full backwards compatibility, a November launch date, and the wii killer: the ability to play in 4D. I was ready to buy a ps3 on the spot and looked forward to pre-ordering one the next day. First thing that morning, i call ebgames, they have no idea what im talking about when i ask to pre-order a ps3. They say they have no sku and tell me to check back in april. Part of me is frustrated, but i carry on with my life and await the next announcement. April arrives, I'm forced to excite myself on rumors such as a leaked ps3 price and some supposed real-time footage of new games. A bunch of heartbreaking Untold Legends screenshots got mixed in the fray and really got me thinking. Is the ps3 worth the wait? Why do i want to buy this system so badly? Why do i hate and make fun of xbox 360 owners?

It finally came to me that the ps3 was a mirage. I thought i knew the power of the system and what it could do for me, but the reality was that I haven't seen as much as a flash of realtime game play from a non dev kit. For all i know the system doesn't even exist. No one has even caught a pic of that thing actually connected to a tv.

I gave up, got on with my life, and ended up at costco one day staring at a pallet of 360s. I said f' it and bought one. I took it home, plugged it in, played some project gotham, fooled around with the marketplace and xbox live arcade, added a few "friends", and most of all, relaxed. The 360 is just so well crafted with the dashboard interaction and online capabilities that the ps3 can't possibly give me something i don't already have. And Elder Scrolls, damn that game is a system seller, its addicting as hell.

My story may sound lame, but I know there's at least a few of you out there that have been waiting on pins and needles for a ps3 and are sacrificing an awesome experience on the 360 as a result. Give it a try, you've got nothing to loose except 400+ dollars. Actually thats a lot of money, but trust me its worth getting.

Posted at 1:54AM on May 2nd 2006 by bv 5 stars


Well said, bv.

What I would like to add, is how Sony-cultists Sony-fanboys post up some screen shots they found for the PS3 and it is the most amazing thing they've ever seen. Yet, 360 owners go home every night, and play games that already look that good (or better, depending on point-in-development of the PS3 screenshot).

No matter what I've-never-played-an-Xbox-or-360-but-I-will-still-rag-on-it-Sony-fanboy says, the 360 is actually a well-crafted product and is a great entertainment device. Sony may blow our minds with the PS3 this fall, but after the PS2 letdown, I can't really say I'm counting on them for anything.

However, Sony may undeservingly "pwn" this year, but I'm still rooting for the Revolution Wii.


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