Friday, April 28, 2006

PS3 MGS4 real-time demo

Looks good, but doesn't seem to be playable

It's good to see that there are developers that can take advantage of the new hardware. The lighting effects are actually quite impressive.

However, do be cautious before becoming riotous about this. Although real-time, it doesn't seem to be playable. The camera was obviously controllable, but there wasn't a clear demonstration of "play".

What is really apparent though, is the confirmation of what I said earlier. Pre-rendered and recorded FMVs shouldn't be necessary anymore since these consoles should be able to do a fantastic job in real-time (as long as it isn't controllable during the sequence).

I can't wait to see a comparison between PS3 Splinter Cell and XB360 Splinter Cell. Much more interesting than Metal Gear Solid in my opinion. If you are into Snake, a guy that jacks off in lockers and hides in boxes...then more power to you. I'll take Sam Fisher instead.


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