Monday, April 24, 2006

Kotaku commentor hits my point well...

Too many features...

Now beforehand, the article is about the 360 not costing enough. Before you say that is a "stupid" idea, just remember that there's a reason the ebay prices were out of control this Christmas. And read the original article before complaining to me about how "it should have cost more" is blasphemy. It's a matter of economics. If you don't understand the basic precept of that, then you have no right to knock the original article.

Anyway, "macdeth"'s second paragraph hit my previous point quickly:
The bottom line (for me) is that if they're building this machine that will require them to eat a chunk of the cost just to give their customers a barely acceptable pricepoint, they're probably adding too many features to it. If they knew their audience well, they would know that we would rather be spending our dimes to buy games (you know, being that these are gaming consoles and all), rather than extra features that we may or may not use. They would also realize that for many of us, a reasonable budget is a necessary factor.

I had gone into detail about the features that I thought were ridiculous for the PS3, but this guy wrote essentially a summary of what I wanted to say.

And in my futile attempt to avert silly comments about, "people need to stop working at McDonalds and make more money blah blah blah blah blah," I will say that just because you have money, doesn't mean you should be careless with it. Buying everything just because you can afford it is a fools leads to problems down the road. A saver is a more "well off" than a spender.

Thank you, macdeth!


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