Friday, April 21, 2006

Consoles and storage

The last post got me on a tangent that I can expand upon here.

As far as storage for games media, it seems that Nintendo has the right idea. Supposedly, we can use any storage device we want with the Revolution (that plugs into USB). Security and piracy issues are raised by this, but then again Nintendo isn't as anal as Sony is on the latter issue (think PSP + firmware updates).

A good question for Sony then: Will the hard drive be proprietary? Do we have to buy a Sony drive? I want to say that anyone who thinks that we won't be required to use Sony HDD's is a fool. Proprietary is Sony's middle AND last name. However, they are supporting the use of flashcards. We can't say for sure quite yet, but we can assume that is for game saves. What else can we store on there?

Lots of questions, few answers.


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