Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Anonymous Sony Fanboy attempts to "bring on the pain"

One of the stupidest comments I've ever read. PS3 not enough for what you pay? Let's see: Unified service with free multiplayer gaming, bigger hard drive, wireless out of the box, blu-ray playability, and backwards compatible with the best library of games ever. Just for $500? It's a steal.

On the other hand, for $400 you are not getting anything of the above, as the hard drive is 13 GB too little, No High Def movies, no Backwards compatibility, no wireless internet, no bluetooth, and, now that I have 1Gbps internet (in Sweden we have that, sorry if you don't yet), I can only use it at its top speed with PS3, not 360.

Have fun with your JRPG lacking console, asshole.

Apparently, he/she didn't read anything I said. I'll reiterate, and respond to your cliche responses about the PS3.

My point is that Sony is putting too many unnecessary features that we have to pay for in the end, whereas Microsoft and Nintendo aren't doing that. All those features sound cool, but are pretty useless to the general public. We want a game machine, not an identity-crisis having media-whatever-server-what-movie-something-lifestyle-hub. I'm happy for you if you're glad to pay for all that unnecessary extra crap that you won't use in the end. It won't pull off any of those features well. If you want a TiVo, you'll still have to buy a Tivo. If you want a media server, you'll still need to buy that, too. You would be better of not buying consoles at all and just buying a Media Center PC if you want any of that functionality. Besides, if you paid attention to what Sony promised with the PS2 and didn't give us, you would know that at least half of these rumored features are never going to happen.

Multiplayer with the PS2 is currently free. But it sucks. It is a waste of time, and compared to the overall library, support is slim. The only difference between the new online "service" and the old is a friends list and chatting. That's it. They still expect the developers/publishers to use their own servers. That won't hold a candle to the reliability of Xbox Live.

Read my comments about Bluray, and other articles about Bluray and HD-DVD. They are a waste of money and time formats. If we can get 50GB discs with red-laser that uses a $150 player (EVD), why spend hundreds for blue-laser technology that merely does the same thing? Oh, I guess paying $30 for movies that are $10 on DVD (that could be upscaled) sounds like a good idea to you. Did you waste a whole bunch of money on UMDs too, since the PSP had no games?

I'm glad you're excited about the backwards compatibility. Um, how many PSX games do you play on a regular basis? One or two? So those should be discounted. From my articles so far, you should be able to tell that the PS2 versions of about any game don't compare to their Xbox counterparts in my opinion. So a PS2 back catalog doesn't do much for me.

Most of the Xbox games I still play are supported by backwards compatibility. Counterstrike isn't, but I can live without that.

13GB is plenty for what is available now. The only time space is an issue is with Final Fantasy XI (which is worthless anyway). Besides, it is easy to upgrade the hard drive later, just like the PS3. I use a USB drive or my PC for music. Since I already had those, it didn't cost me extra.

My "internet" is comparable to a T1 line. Apparently, you missed the part about how a 802.11b connection via access point that goes through dozens of other servers that eventually gets to your home isn't won't be able to stream media reliably. It doesn't matter what your internet connection is at your house. You don't connect directly from your PSP to your PS3. You go through the "internet". If you don't believe me, then spend too much money on Sony products and find out for yourself.

I will agree that Bluetooth would have been nice. But Microsoft could easy support any USB Bluetooth dongle if they wanted to. It's nice, but not necessary as there won't be much demand for it. Same with the flash card readers. Those are about the only features that are good about the PS3, other than the Cell processor. The Bluray is a con in my opinion if you didn't notice yet.

1Gbps speed is nice, but bandwidth is more important for online gaming. You can have a fast connection and not enough bandwidth. As long as there is enough bandwidth from your broadband provider, then the 1Gbps built in ethernet card doesn't really benefit the end user all that much. It's more and more obvious that tech specs and numbers dominate your mind instead of real-world usefulness.

As far as Japanese RPGs for the 360 go, you don't pay attention. Otherwise you'd know that Square-Enix is working on 360 RPG exclusives. There's a couple others in the works from other developers as well.

The Xbox 360 at $400 provides everything I want and does it reliably. If you want a media hub, you need a Media Center PC. I don't, so I don't have to buy one. The PS3 isn't going to be anywhere near as useful as a Media Center PC, so Sony shouldn't have wasted their time.

Know more about the 360 before you start bashing it on my blog. I read news and blogs about all of the consoles, so you better too before you say something stupid like "Have fun with your JRPG lacking console, asshole." You're the asshole posting whiney uninformed cliche comments on my blog.

Besides, don't worry. I'll have a PS3 so I can feel cheated again just like everyone else that gets one. We can all reminisce as a community on how Sony caught us in their lies again just like they did with the PS2. And we can talk about it over Xbox Live since our PS3's will be RMA'd for "Disc Read Errors".


Anonymous Raymond Dubisky said...

I agree with most of your points, except that bandwidth isn't the only issue when playing games online. Latency is equally as important, if not more. Who cares how much you can send at once, if the delay is going to be excessive. For certain networked games you could get away with low bandwidth, and low latency. Thought it is of course preferable to have that excessive bandwidth for sending and receiving large amounts of data.

I agree with you about Bluray and HD-DVD. I don't see the point. I have a feeling Sony only put Bluray in the system to be able to say farther down the line that blu-ray already has a substantial portion of the market to keep content distributors from adopting HD-DVD intead of Bluray.

I have to say, I can't actually think of a case when I used the backwards compatibility the ps2 had other than out of mild curiosity. Same could be said for the 360, though I have a feeling I'll probably play a few games from the xbox eventually. I don't see backwards compatibility as something to get excited about, though it is expected.

Hm, sorry to leave such a long comment :P

11:44 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Thank you for reminding me about latency. I'd forgotten about it!

For my household, bandwidth is a big deal because there are over a dozen network devices hooked in (Computers, Xboxes, DS's, PSP's, PDAs, Printers...I think that covers it). So bandwidth with XBL has always been an issue when a room mate is downloading (and they all probably have spyware from the filesharing programs they use).

Thankfully, I found out that my router can put priority on the ports that XBL uses.

8:51 PM  
Anonymous Raymond Dubisky said...

I've found that if I cap the upload of a torrent (or whatever) to about 60-70% of my lines maximum I can get away with playing on live.

Actually, basically what you're doing with your router.

7:46 AM  
Blogger Eric said...

Personally, I don't download much with PCs. If I do, I use a computer that is in the living room where we do most of our gaming, so I can shut it off or disconnect it if we are using Live. However, I can't do that with everyone else's computers.

I live with 5 other people, and most of them like to download all the time on their respective computers. Not to mention that all of their computers are likely to have spyware (as they don't upkeep their systems well).

What I've found is that even it would cripple our XBL gaming (my computer doesn't cause this problem). However, once I made the router adjustments, we haven't needed to complain to our room mates, or figure out who's downloading. It's nice!

7:34 PM  

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