Monday, April 10, 2006

Changing the ways I do my quick reviews...

Apparently, one of the editors has gone forth to remove all fractions from their 1-10 scoring system. I agree with the notion somewhat, but I think the number system has too many weaknesses. Below is my comment to his article:

There's too many variations of the scoring system. Although it seems that a game can be looked up quickly so a potential buyer can make a decision, it doesn't convey what is really important: pros and cons.

I'd rather a bulleted list summary of the good and the bad. This would quickly identify weaknesses and strengths of games. Naturally, some guideliness would need to be followed, such as no more than 5 pros or cons, be specific, etc.

This also shows a gamer if they can get past the cons easily. For example, if the "music sucks" on a 360 game, then that con could be dismissed by a gamer since we can use our own music.

As for reader comments/arguments, a pro/con is much less vague than a number score. This could provide for somewhat more interesting responses.

I'm going to start doing it in my reviews.

I may go back and edit my previous entries to reflect my strict pro/con system. It may take me a few tries to get it to my liking, but it's a sound idea.


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