Thursday, April 20, 2006

Sony Fanboy #2 responds to my response.

Dude, your response is so long that I won't even bother, because I happen to disagree on a lot of things with you, and I do have my explanations, but it's too much time and energy. So I'll listen to your advice and just go away. I'll save you time, and I'll save myself time. Evidently I haven't read all your site and I won't.

It's kind of painful to see you wasting time and energy on me (but that should go also to myself).

Anyway, I didn't read all of your response, but I happened to glance at something. I was gonna tell you "give me credit... I don't speak english as a first language", but just so you know:


7 entries found for artefact.
ar·te·fact ( P ) Pronunciation Key (ärt-fkt)

Variant of artifact.

Arguing with you is irksome.

Knowing people's curiosity gets the best of them, I'll respond to this anyway. It wouldn't be surprising since he took the time and energy to post what he did.

Thank you for bringing up the variant of "artifact". I did not know that. For the future, I wouldn't recommend spelling it that way though (edit: the other spelling isn't really standard anymore; personally, it wouldn't surprise me if he/she looked it up, found out it was right on a technicality, and decided to "cute" about it).

Hint # 1: Consider your audience. Not once did you consider your audience when you "argued" (not that I consider regurgitating everything Sony taught you as arguing). Great. The Sony-fanboys all over the world are saying, "F@#% yeah! That's what Sony said!" when they read your response.

Hint # 2: If English isn't your first language, then you probably shouldn't be arguing with someone who's first language is English. I know some sign-language, but I'm sure as hell not going to try to argue in ASL.

Hint # 3: Don't attempt to argue points that are already covered. If you didn't at least search the blog for previous posts on the subject, that is YOUR bad.

Live and learn.

Comments: For any future commentors, I will admit when you make a solid point, or if I was wrong (maybe the PS3 will blow my mind). For example, one commentor brought up latency when I was talking about networking. That was useful info that I didn't consider.

It helps to be more careful with your words as well. If you come in swinging, then you'll get the same in return. If you try to be reasonable, then you shall get that in return as well.


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