Wednesday, April 19, 2006

E3...drink to the lies!

E3 Drinking game

Get buzzed with Microsoft and Nintendo...then totally obliterated with Sony!

Favorites "drink whens...":

For Microsoft:
The planted actors cheer.

They drag out someone from Square Enix, who then proceeds to announce a PS2 game that's being "enhanced" for Xbox 360.

For Nintendo:
Reggie pulls a portable system from his breast pocket (we're betting on it being a DS Lite).

Myamoto hits the stage (take two more sips if he comes out with props and/or is dressed like a videogame character).

For Sony:
Said charts show how much more powerful the PS3 is to any electronics device on the planet and possibly the universe.

Kaz/Kutaragi make some asinine claim about how the PS3 is going to be like/transport us to [insert impossible claim here].

Sony shows a PS3 demo (take two sips for every demo that doesn't look real time).

Anything about the PS3's price is revealed (finish your cup/bottle if it's $500 or more).

The PS3's controller is shown (take ten sips if it's still the boomerang).

Sony actually has a sound online strategy. Hell, drink if Sony actually has an online strategy.

I think everyone knows that Sony is full of BS. But we have to support them for those damned exclusives.


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