Monday, April 24, 2006

Terrible pictures of my "rigs"

Apologies for the crappy pictures. I was in a hurry, and it's not my camera.

Left side:
  • 27" Flat CRT (SDTV)

  • Xbox

  • Game and accessory storage

  • 51" Projection HDTV

  • Laptop for emulation, AVP2, and Counterstrike (on the TV)

  • Xbox 360

  • Old PS2 (to be replaced with a slim when I can get the hard drive soldered in)

  • Gamecube

  • 500w RCA Surround Sound

  • Samsung DVD player with custom firmware (Divx, HDCP disabled)

  • Abandoned VCR (it works, and it elevates the laptop)

  • Pelican 5-way switch box

  • Pelican HD 4 way switch box (not shown)

  • Big display clock to remind us when to go to bed

This is not my house, so I'm not likely to buy better furniture. It's somewhat ghetto, but the equipment is nice.


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