Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Speaking of PS3 backwards compatbility...100% promise may be too lofty

PS3 backwards compatibility looking promsing...but...

"Sony has already pledged that all PS2 games which adhered to the company's TRC (technical requirements checklist) will be playable on the PS3"

This is where the problem comes in. What games adhere to Sony's TRC? So any games that don't become negated? This statement can be very revealing, and it hints at 100% BC being false. If all games were TRC-adhering, then this comment wouldn't need to exist....

I just found it interesting because of the BC comments I covered earlier. So if the PS3 isn't 100% BC, how does that change your opinion? It'd be hard to knock Microsoft for it if Sony doesn't even do it. I think as long as both companies have the most popular titles running out the door, that they will be fine. They have 6 months to at least get that done, so we'll see how they do.

More importantly, I think that it is a good thing they are going with software emulation. That actually dismisses a negative comment I made about Sony including the old hardware on your new hardware (PS2 has PS1 chips on it). It's silly to keep putting outdated chips on new hardware (we wouldn't want the "Emotion Engine" next to the "Cell", right?).


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