Tuesday, May 02, 2006

And you thought my responses were long...

Engadget on $399 PS3 per PSM

More rage from both sides. It's funny how all the info that is released to the public gets jumbled up in consumers/fanboys/bloggers minds alike.

Whatever happened to referencing this article?

I had forgotten about this article. But this was one of the reasons that I say the Cell architecture just doesn't seem suited for gaming...but in other applications, it could do wonderous things. Although Sony is providing developers with better tools this time around, it is still apparent that the 360 is a bit more developer-friendly.

Damn Bluray

Another article I found interesting. Everyone seems to be banking on Bluray. On a side note, they did hit their goal of a 8-layer 200GB disc (that won't work in any player yet). Great for backup, but for movies and does us no good. What we should be talking about is that 750GB drive from Seagate. That's some serious media storage.


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