Wednesday, May 03, 2006

As Fuijin would say, "DISTURBING."

PR residents can't receive a prepaid return box for their Xbox

That sucks, but it makes sense. If they use UPS or FedEx, it could cause some problems with the shipping to PR. When I worked for a music gear retailer, we had all kinds of things to worry about when shipping to PR or the Virgin Islands. I won't go into it.

Microsoft should figure something out about that one.

Microsoft to get into adding unnecessary features as well?

Talk about my worst nightmare. Microsoft should leave the worthless add-ons to the PS3. What happened to just gaming? Is Nintendo the only one that "gets it"? I like the Media Center functionality (if I ever wanted to use it), but I don't want these features that will be subpar on a gaming console invading my game space.

Sony has already proved that the all-in-one-media-device idea just doesn't work. The PSX (PS2 with media functions) wasn't well received. The PSP would have probably worked better if they concentrated more on games and less on the fluff features.


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