Thursday, May 04, 2006

Wii Remote vs Xbox Live?

Which is more innovative?
Before even finishing the article, I thought Wii remote hands down. Like many of the commentors, I made the mistake of saying to myself that online gaming started with PCs. However, I think that XBL had a more positive impact on online gaming than Gamespy or the like. Definitely more impact than Sony or Sega's offerings.

Halo 2's matchmaking is definitely innovative. It did away with the "find a server with an opening but then get kicked out because the host changed his/her mind" way to find a match. It sets it up for you, and matches you up with players around your skill level. Other games do this via "Quick Match" but it's never as versatile.

Anyway, my comment to this article already has my elaboration on this:

I was completely supporting the Wii controller until that lastquestion, Mr. Cole.

"Which of the two provides gamers with the most value?"

That reminded me of why I stopped playing the PS2. Replay value. Most PS2 games don't have any. I think of how many times I've played Halo 2, Zuma, Burnout Revenge (360), and Ninja Gaiden compared to any PS2 title I've owned. I've put more hours into these games just because multiplayer, gaining Achievements, or challenging the worldwide High Score brings me back. I put more time into games such as DOA4 just so I can survive longer online (still not good enough yet ;).

I love my Gamecube, but online play would make it worth more. It was disappointing that they only had 3 (?) games that supported online play with a $50 adapter. MP2 or Mario Kart online would have been awesome. Well, I think Mario Kart is supported, but it's not worth the $50 to see if anyone else happened to buy the adapter.

I think that Xbox Live's innovation will prove itself after we get the Wii and the PS3 online. I still expect XBL to be the best experience between the Next Gens. Just because PC games have had online play, doesn't mean it was good online play. XBL is refined, and if they can spread Halo 2 style matchmaking we'll be better off.

I'm still dying to add Nintendo's latest offering to my game room (METROID PRIME 3! AHH!!), but I have a feeling that the 360 will still provide me more hours of entertainment than the Wii or the PS3 combined. Because of Xbox live.


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