Monday, May 08, 2006

So Bluray doesn't support embedded DVD???? article on HD-DVD add-on

HD DVD also offers new "twin discs" that have an HD DVD version and a DVD version on the same disc.

Blu-ray's option is to require consumers to buy two discs at full price, an HD version and the standard DVD version separately.

Now hold on. I was under the impression that Bluray could do this as well. If not, then I think this will be 10x more significant than the PS3 having Bluray. Why? Not every movie consumer is a gamer. If a movie-buyer can just pop the disc in either an HD-DVD drive or a DVD drive without worry about whether it will play or not...that says a lot. However, I swear I read an article that says Bluray has this capability as well. Here's one, but it is OLD. Here's a slightly newer one. However, I'm under the impression that even after 2 years, there is STILL no given plans to commercialize the hybrid disc. Hmmmm...still...

Oh, and for the Bluray fanboys, HD-DVD does support 1080p. Right now HD-DVD is at 45GB and Bluray is at 50GB. Sure, they made a 200GB Bluray disc (that there is no player for), but by the time that comes to fruition and is realistic for retail, this format war should be a thing of the past.

The Xbox 360 doesn't have native support for 1080p, but if all the PS3 does is upscale it from 720p, then I wouldn't wet yourself because unless it's natively 1080p, your games won't see much improvement visually. And movies don't count for that statement (upscaling is more than acceptable for movies).

As far as taking sides, CNET says to wait on both formats.

Me? I still say both are a scam.


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