Friday, May 05, 2006

Will Sony's rookit affect the PS3's success?

Consumers are naive, so I'll have to say no.
DRM officially sucks...think Bluray

I love how there's some commenters that "don't care". They should care. Apparently, they do not understand the severity of the rootkit. If your home was your computer, then Sony has just cut hidden access tunnels into your home...or even better...peep holes into your bathroom. Are you okay with that? If exposing your computer to "worms and viruses" isn't a big deal, then you probably should stop using the internet and sharing the infections caused by your naivite.

I like the latter part of the post when the "immunity of Sony is brought to the picture. Sony does use some open source, but we saw what they did to the non-free PS2 Linux (and for those who may do quick research, BLACK RHINO doesn't run without the original PS2 Linux kit...unless you have a modchip and a hacked version). In any case, PS2 Linux is a lot of work...for nothing.


Click "No" and you get a rootkit anyway

Microsoft helps with the rookit fiasco?

This goes along with my "Sony TVs = good, Sony Anything Else = crap" motto

MS sucks...someone should have told him not to buy a Sony laptop...IBMs and Dells work great!

This last one brings back a bad memory. I was helping a director that needed to move to Windows 2000 from XP home (can't remember why; company standards maybe?). The machine was made none other than Sony. I installed Windows 2000, but it refused to run properly. We called Sony. Guess what they said? "You can only install a different version of Windows if WE provide it; you can't use your own." What the hell. Shortly thereafter, we bought a non-Sony laptop (Dell) and Windows 2000 installed just fine.

Am I picking on Sony? Yes. People don't realize that Sony is not as synonymous with quality as they used to be. Personally, I'm getting sick of it. That's why I'm very untrusting of anything I find or read about the PS3. Especially after the PS2...well...I don't need to go there again.

Everyone already has their reasons to hate Microsoft because of Windows. Most of which has to do with "security and bugs" even though there is plenty of those problems in the other operating systems. You just don't hear about them. But I figure that listing a bunch of anti-Microsoft links would be redundant for everyone.

As for Nintendo...I can't really think of anything bad per se. Just mistakes on their part. I guess this guy has some good points.


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