Wednesday, May 10, 2006

PS3: Resistance: Fall of Man, and FPS without rumble...

=\ Video is here.

This was the FPS PS3 game I was waiting to see. The screen shots looked really good.

Unfortunately, after watching the Gears of War trailer, I can't say I'm impressed by this game. It looks like Call of Duty 2, and it lacks the "destroyed human race" environmental feel. However, the graphics and lighting do look really good.

While perusing comments on the blog sites, I came across someone who was asking if the lack of the rumble feature affected game play.

At first, I thought that sucks, but we can live. Then I remembered a recent experience:

Since the 360 and it's wireless controller has totally spoiled me, I wanted to get wireless PS2 and Gamecube controllers as well. I bought a wireless PS2 controller that held the batteries in the grips. After playing a couple of games, I couldn't help but feel like something was missing. The controller I was holding felt so...empty. Then I figured it out; the controller had no rumble feature because of the battery location. It was actually weird not to get feedback from the controller...I've had it in every controller for the last several years. It was too bad, because the PS2 controller I bought had a much better placement of L1 and R2 (they were inward for comfort). I quickly replaced the controller with a wireless one that had rumble. Much better.

Reading the comments today got me thinking about how I use the rumble feature. In most cases, the rumble feature alerts me that I'm being attacked faster than surround sound does. Surround sound tells me where, and rumble tells me when. This could be a hinderance for FPS games. Then again, the mouse & keyboard guys don't get rumble. But they've never adjusted to having it either. We have for the last few consoles.

I recommend that PS2 owners grab an OLD PS1 controller without rumble and try playing some of your favorite games for an hour or so. See if it matters to you.

Edit 05/15/06: Added reference links below

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