Friday, May 12, 2006

Awesome anti-Sony-pricing shirt


Microsoft and Nintendo should mass-produce these as free swag.

I like the "Play beyond your wallet" quote as well.

I'd make "Ban HD-DVD and Bluray" shirts myself.

Good Comments on the link:

You never know... they may have announced this trumped up price just to make people think it's a bargain when the REAL price is announced just before launch.

Y'know... like how, any day now, Nintendo is going to reveal their next console's REAL name.


Sony have forgotten what the PLAYstation brand is all about and are trying to rescue their other divisions (entertainment, AV manufacturing) on the back of the overwhelming succsess of the PS2.


The worst part of Sony charging $499 and $599 for their console is that if Sony is ultimately sucessfuly in meeting their quota then we can expect future next generation game consoles to be a minimum of $499 since people will already be use to paying that much for it.


Backwards compatibility? Some games rely on the rumble function, which the PS3 lacks.


Personally, I'm an all-console kind of guy. I like to have all the consoles out so I can pick up any game that I might see. However, for $599, I think I'll pass. I've actually come to hope Sony fails at launching the PS3 all-together and that they lose tons of money.

-Ethan Thomas

I earn $40k a year, but I can't afford a PS3. It would be an abolutely stupid investment of my money when I have much better places to put it. I'm not going to spend $200 more on a console with a marginally higher personal value to me. Especially when there is a console about $400 cheaper. Just because you have enough money to buy something on a whim doesn't mean you can afford it.

-Paul P.

There are plenty more good comments, but that should get you started. I'll list mine as well:

"OK um... "399 Yes" but "499 No"? That's only a 100 difference; you are paying for a level of backwards compatibility that Xbox 360 lacks. "

Actually, since Sony is doing backwards compatibility through emulation this time instead of hardware (just like Microsoft), I wouldn't be counting on 100% backwards compatibility. Emulating any of the disc-media consoles is difficult.

$100 is better spent elsewhere in my opinion. That's $30 short of a Nintendo DS. That's two games for about any console. Three DS games. 5 "player's choice", "Greatest Hits", or "Platinum hits" for the various consoles. That's a dozen XBLA games. The Premium PS3 costs a PSP more than the Xbox 360's Premium. And in excess of a Nintendo Wii more than the 360 Core!

That should put the price difference in better perspective.



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