Monday, May 15, 2006

Major Nelson notices that Sony didn't mention multiplayer in their free online service coverage (updated)


There are some very good comments to Major's post:

Here is what you take from pre-launch information:



What I ask Sony is "Prove it." Sony has always had a hard time proving E3 showings. -WormFOODX

I don't think their online service will be integrated into the platform like Live is to the 360. If it is, it could be useless unless developers work together to make a standard way to switch between games and kinda fill in the middle piece that Live does so nicely.-Spin

That's nice of them to include "account management" in the free service. I'd hate to have to pay for account management. -Mike Kelehan

Edit 05/16/06: Major has since been corrected by a reader. Free matchmaking is mentioned about 17 minutes into the GDC keynote.


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