Saturday, May 27, 2006

FF8 Completed, again...thinking of RPG stories

I decided against leveling Eden up to 100. Every character and every other Guardian Force was already there. Edit still needed about 35 levels. I figured that I essentially maxed out everything within reason (levels, cards, items). So I breezed through Ultimecia's castle and beat the game. I'll save Omega Weapon for another day.

FF8's story may not be as complex as FF7's, but I found it much more enjoyable. FF8 is more accessible storywise, since there's rarely an occasion where the player is confused. FF7 on the other hand, jumps all over the place (between the life stream, Ancients, Jenova, and Cloud's SOLDIER involvement, the whole ordeal is a lot to keep track of).

Not to say a complex story cannot be implemented well. I think Xenogears was handled very well. Although the game is slow to start, once it hooks in it's great. There is a lot going on in it's story, but the jumps between ideas aren't so drastic. Xenosaga is similar, but the story transitions are a lot less smooth.

Then again, as far as I'm concerned, as long as there isn't a dorky "knight in shining armor" involved in the story, I'm good.

People dig Squall over Cloud anyway. LOL


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