Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Sorry fanboys, but PSM wasn't too happy about the PS3 announcements either

Playstation Magazine, Issue 112, Page 058

Choice quotes:

We wish that we could give this news a silver lining, but honestly...we think it stinks. The only way this price looks good is if you judge it as a Blu-ray player and not a games console.

Sony also "borrowed" the analog triggers from the Xbox 360...the new "PS logo" looks an awful lot like the 360's Guide button. Hmmm...

Okay, so Sony isn't exactly original - [referencing the addition of motion sensing, a guide-like button, same-old controller design, triggers]

...but the titles shown via video almost always looked better than the real-time demos [on the floor]

Page 064

A Sony Launch Without Ridge Racer? Never!

I will remind you that this is coming from a Playstation-exclusive magazine. It's respectable that they didn't pull any punches on Sony's presentation. Honesty goes a long ways.

What the hell is with Ridge Racer anyway? The Japanese must love it...but I don't know anyone who is all about RR, so justifying a seventh sequel seems out of control. Did it sell that well? I stopped liking Gran Turismo long ago, but I can at least understand why some gamers are into it. RR...can't understand at all.

Back to the point: Too much Bluray and not enough gaming.

Aside from a FFXIII quickie...I personally think the PS3 outlook for its first year is grim, just as it was with the PSP. Even the screen shots in this issue of PSM shed a bit more truth as they aren't cleaned up. I think a lot of people who held out for the PS3 are going to be disappointed. It will be like reading the bitching from Xbox 360 early adotpers again, except we can substitute "PS3" for "XBox 360" in those complaints.

I'm still hanging on for that Final Fantasy; it'd better be worth it.


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