Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Wireless USB (aka WUSB) to save the day.

For those who aren't paying attention to homebrew, Dark Alex's DAX ZISO loader for the PSP now has USB support. This does NOT mean you can use a USB thumbdrive or non-USB-hosting USB hard drive to load to the PSP from. However, this does mean that you can load ISOs from your PC over USB.

Using ISOs is pirating right? Not necessarily if you own (not borrowed) a license (aka physical copy) of the game. Games load faster over USB or the memory card than it does from the actual UMD, so there is legal intent behind this.

Anyway, if you haven't done the math yet, wireless USB would enable this functionality without being tethered to your computer. Imagine how sweet that would be. Apparently WUSB is just as fast over wireless as it is wired now, so the possibilities are endless, and the storage limits of the PSP would be negated.

Now if they would just release a WUSB product already...


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