Tuesday, June 13, 2006

More PS3 = Game Machine ????

So I don't have to repeat myself:

"from what iv heard you can infact hook your ps3 up to a printer...
from what iv heard you can upgrade your ps3 for non gaming uses...
from what iv heard you can put any data editing program you can get to run on linux, on ps3... including word editors!"

You could do this with the PS2 as well. And it sucked. Using PS2 Linux would be the equivalent to sawing off your hand slowly with a butter knife.

If you want to hook up a printer and use postscript drivers, be my guest. If you are used to using Microsoft Office (which is bad enough), OpenOffice is going to drive you insane. Get even more frustrated and try StarOffice. That's assuming someone even make builds that are compatible with the cell. It will probably be a bit before any non-Sony-provided cell-compiled programs show up.

I can't wait for the "Sony package installer". I'm guessing the command line will be:

#SonyOwnsYourMonkey /a /ss /rootkit=yes [name of software]

=) Sorry, had to do it.

Upgrade your PS3? Do you really think Sony wants you messing with anything inside of that box other than the hard drive? Even then, you'll probably need a proprietary HDD just like the 360. The "upgraded" PS3's, should they ever come to fruition per Ken's psychotic fantasies, would be completely separate PS3's that you'd have to buy.

Headline to Sony:

"Gamers Want the PS3 to be Like a Games Machine"

How about some info on some fresh franchises? We've already established that gamers have relinquished Sony's right to speak.


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