Friday, June 09, 2006

Sony Blasphemy...Yet Again...

It's a BlurayStation, it's a LinuxStation, it's a ComputerStation...where's the Playstation?

All I know is that before rumble, the only feedback gamers received was via Audio and Video. Rumble added feel/touch feedback to the experience. That really completed it, because if we have to start tasting and smelling games, I'd be concerned. - SuicideNinja

"Different Configurations"? If Sony mangles our beloved console concept into the PC concept, then as far as I'm concerned it's over. This is one time where there NEEDS to be a separation. The enjoyment of the consoles involve not having to deal with an operating system, long load times, conflicting software, outdated hardware, or anything related to PC gaming. Consoles are great because they are plug and play.

Microsoft already thought of putting a full customized Windows on the 360. The gamer-centric employees (aka J. Allard) knew this wouldn't be a good idea, as it would erase the console to PC disparity.
Note: Look up "Project Helium" for more info, I can't find the original article I read.

"Speaking about the PS3, we never said we will release a game console," he said. "It is radically different from the previous PlayStation. It is clearly a computer."

Sony suggests that consoles are a thing of the past. No wonder the gaming industry is in a slump. Sony, we need consoles. They give developers and gamers a common ground: equal hardware. If it runs on one, it will run on all.

Reading Kutaragi's insanity is so taxing...


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