Friday, June 16, 2006

Ebay's a steal

Sometimes you just have to love Ebay.

For $100 I obtained:

  • 4 x Xbox 360 wired controllers (normally $39.99 each - new)

  • Pelican HD Selector (normally $25 new)

  • Xbox 360 64MB memory card (normally $39.99 new)

  • Xbox 360 headset (normally $19.99 new)

  • Monster Cable Gamelink cable (normally $29.99 for the optical cable, and $59.99 for the AV set)

Unfortunately, I'm unsure with the Monster Cable. The description describes only the Optical Cable, but the picture shows the AV set. Maybe I'll be lucky and get the latter. Maybe I'll get both. But I'm not counting on it.

Even in the worst case scenario, this is still a $275 value. Sure, all of this stuff is used, but even at half of the retail value I'm still ahead.

Now the real question: Do I need 4 wired controllers? It would be cool for emulator gaming although I already have a 2 port PS2 to USB adapter. Emulation is the one time I would take a PS2 controller over an Xbox/360 controller.

Maybe I can trade-in/sell two or three of those controllers and get another wireless. Hmmmm.

Edit 06/17/06: Floating the picture didn't work out well. Also fixed a spelling error. Always feel free to correct me on typos/grammar/spelling errors.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Suicide Ninja (Eric?),

Ebay sometimes is a steal. I would recomend you to keep your wired controllers, otherwise you'll get raped if you exchange them (on EBgames at least).

Anyway, I'm probably going to get an Xbox 360 soon (a month or two to at most), and I see the wired controllers as viable options, since wireless for visitors that play once or twice a year is probably not worth the expense (even if it's only 30 bucks).

The reason I'm getting a 360 is SF2, possibly the best fighting game ever, is out already. I'll tell you my gamer tag so we can fight.

b o o t s

1:45 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

I'm seriously considering only hanging on to two of the wired controllers. I don't need four of them. I've already got two wireless controllers, 2 play-n-charge wires, 3 battery packs, and the rapid charger. When Microsoft releases the wireless receiver for the PC, I'll probably get that as well.

Its funny...I used to hate wireless controllers with a passion. The response and battery longevity always sucked. Now I can't stand being wired since the 360 wireless controllers fixed those problems.

SF2 hasn't come out yet. I'll warn you that I don't have faith in the 360 d-pads for accurate SF2 fighting. I'm just hoping my Hori DOA4 arcade stick works. Still, the thought of SF2 online still just enthralls me.

3:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It isn't out yet? I thought it was... Joystiq reported it... oh well. That's why I'm waiting a few months though. Dead Rising is coming soon anyway.

Oh, and about the controller, if it's not comfortable enough for 2D fighting games, just like the PSP, then I hope Capcom or another 3rd party hardware maker will release one specially for it; just like the SFA D-pad for PSP.

Isaac / b o o t s

4:10 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

Some SF2 picture packs/themes are available, but not the game. It's still MIA.

Actually, I wonder if a USB adapter for a PS2 controller would work. I think the 360 wired controllers use USB HID drivers and I think the USB PS2 adapter I have does also. I'll have to report on that if it works.

9:42 PM  

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