Friday, June 23, 2006

Xbox 360's Oblivion...Not for me.

This critically acclaimed game has been in my possession for some time now. I've have actually had no desire to continue playing it.

I should have known better, because I absolutely despise the medieval times. Knights trudging around on horses with ridiculously heavy armor and over-sized swords just doesn't suit my fancy. The associated accent, attire, and overall climate of the times seriously bugs me. Only a few great movies have been able to get past this hatred of mine, and even so, they are not personal favorites.

This is one of the reasons I absolutely despised FFIX. Once a princess, a knight, and an outsider with intent of capturing the heart of the princess came about...I had to force myself to continue. The cumbersome mating of the FFVII and FFVIII stories, the forgettable characters, and the %100 predictable ending didn't help make that any less painful either.

Back to Oblivion, there are other problems for me. The "open world" is actually a bad thing for me in this case. I've been playing games for over two decades, and most of those games have had the comfort of a finite feel to them. FFVII was a good example, because beating a a boss or getting to the next disc just reaffirmed that you were making progress. There was an empty feeling in my gut after wandering around for a couple of hours in Oblivion and accomplishing nothing. The feeling intensified when I had too many possible missions to choose from.

I'm also very aware that I bring up replay value quite often. But games like Oblivion just have too many options, and it's doubtful that going through all of them would be worth the time and effort if I already don't like the setting. However, I know that many actually enjoy the medieval times, which is why the game is so popular.

I can't wait for a differently-themed RPG. Maybe Enchanted Arms will do it for me. At least we've got FFXII and a few others on the way.

Conclusively, MMO's are probably not in my future. The principle is the same, and I decidedly just don't like it. I'll end up giving it a chance, when the subject matter is a bit more to my liking. Maybe Huxley, Forerunner, Burnout, Phantasy Star, or a non-sucky Star Wars could do it for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey you wanna sell me your copy? how much

5:39 PM  
Blogger Eric said...

I would love to sell it, but I traded it in a week after I bought it.

I love how I have on achievement for it. LOL

10:42 PM  

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