Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ebay Really is a Steal!

Remember my excitement on this deal? Of course not, but I'm bringing it back up.

I received this package today, and to my surprise, the contents were better than described.

3 of those 360 wired controllers looked untouched and just open box. The last controller used a rubber band to tie the cord up (as you can see in the picture, upper-right controller). That one had a couple of light black smudges, but the analog sticks were perfect; no plastic dust build-up, just clean.

The headset and memory unit were in great shape, and still essentially new.

Even though only the Monster Optical cable was described, I actually received the whole AV kit as pictured, with the optical adapter.

The System Selector's component cable had a slit in the rubber that exposed a little of the copper inside, but the it still works. That's a very minor problem and is quite negligible since I'll probably end up buying better component cables anyway.

To recap:

4 x $39.99 controllers
1 x $24.99 Pelican HD Selector
1 x $39.99 360 64MB Memory Unit
1 x $19.99 360 Headset
1 x $29.99 Monster 360 Optical Cable
1 x $59.99 Monster 360 AV Gamelink kit

Total Retail Value: $334.91

My final cost shipped: $101.16

Savings: $233.75

I hope your ebay ventures go as well as mine!


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