Friday, June 30, 2006

Japanese Development Community Weary of PS3

Japan's magazine Ge-Maga asked Japanese developers their thoughts on the PS3.
  • 56.31% disagree with Sony's choice of going with two hardware models

  • 55.82% feel that the PS3 won't sell with the current lineup of announced titles

  • 32.52% stated that they've become less confident in the platform after E3

  • 90.29% of the surveyed feel the PS3 is too pricey

  • 3.39% said that they were relieved by Sony's announcements at the show

The last two could be a problem. It's more of a kicker than the other percentages. The PS3 is making many uneasy. Change is what drives the market, but will change via forcing Bluray and Cell unnecessary technologies on conusmers AND making them pay dearly for it the right way? Or is Microsoft's idea of "choice" or even Nintendo's idea of "innovation" the way to go? Obviously the Japanese aren't too hot on Microsoft's 360 right now, so can they only turn to the Wii then?

As for the first two, the split is 60/40 with advantage to the negative. That's almost split down the middle, however. Is this a sign of a serious split in developer-supported consoles? One half to the PS3 and the other to the 360 with the Wii somewhere in the middle?

Check IGN for the source article.


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