Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Bluray sucks, now what? (One down, one to go)

Centre Daily Times says that HD-DVD clearly outshines Bluray. Commentors suggest that this relates to Sony still using MPEG2 instead of a better codec.

To me, it's more concerning that Bluray has more restrictions coming than HD-DVD. Them darn pirates just ruined the days of video plug n' play, didn't they? Thank Fox for being super-anal and claiming AACS isn't good enough.

Realistically, both formats suck. If Bluray can't make a prominent mark in the industry, its failure would only leave us waiting for HD-DVD to fail. Then the circle would be complete.

The real questions for us are: Will a Bluray failure knock a huge dent in Sony? Would they still be in good enough standing to continue to support the PS3? Would Sony swallow their pride and make an HD-DVD add-on if necessary?

Sony seems to be banking a bit too much on Bluray. For hardly having any successful formats of their own, it does seem a bit daring to attempt a history reversal once again, especially with multiple products.


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