Thursday, July 20, 2006

Video proof of the PS2's questionable construction

The PS2 couldn't pass a durability test even it worked out. I guarantee the reasons the PS2 didn't have a prayer in these tests:

a. It's made with cheap plastic
b. The DVD drive is %100 cheap garbage (think DISC READ ERROR)
c. The oddball internal construction

I have to give props to the Gamecube. It's smashed in half and it still powers on. Interesting how it's cheaper, more powerful, and more durable than the PS2. Hmmmm. Another place where games should have gone.

All of this just reaffirms what I've been saying. Sony makes the worst quality gaming hardware and Nintendo makes the best quality gaming hardware. Microsoft is obviously somewhere in the middle.


Broken PS2s on ebay (100+ which is low for the day)
Broken Xboxes on ebay (70+ which is about right)
Broken Gamecubes on ebay (24+ which is high for the day)

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