Monday, July 24, 2006

Beating a dead alien predator marine horse...a lot!

Please excuse my frustration that my favorite franchise ever is being mostly ignored by the gaming world. Yeah, there was AVP: Extinction, but I really didn't want an RTS.

Where the eff is the AVP FPS LOVE????

There's been interest from many gamers. Paul Pawlicki (Assistant Producer to the ill-fated Fox Interactive) teased that there would be an AVP3.

Even resident Halo-lovers talk about the return of the classic clashing duo trio.

Petitions? Here, and here. Note that the latter is more appropriate as the choice isn't up to merely Monolith (they did AVP2, Condemned, and FEAR).

Go sign your name. It won't matter, but it's the damned thought that counts!


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