Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Why the Xbox 360 is the best value for me at the moment!

Two words: Replay Value.

Xbox Live
Until Sony or Nintendo pony up with a somewhat comprehensive online service, Microsoft has no competition in this area. Between online multiplayer to downloading game demos and videos, it makes for an experience that you can't put down. While you can these things on a PC, the "blade" setup and controller make it fast and easy.

The Return of the High Score
With the Xbox Live leaderboards, those scores you make on your favorite games actually come to mean something. You can see where you stand in comparison to Xbox Live users all over the world. I remember trying to get in the top 100 in Zuma. It took a while, but added to the value of my purchase due to the time put in.

Xbox Live Arcade
Got a few bucks, but not enough for a full sized game? Head over to Xbox Live, and you'll find plenty of gems for $10 and under. They range from classics and even some originals are heading in. They are also great for passing time, especially when downloading demos. Even better, it's entertainment between releases.

Gamerscore and Achievements
Everybody loves some type of challenge. This is where Achievements come in. Some are easy, some are difficult, but all tally up points on your Gamerscore. The goals alone will have you playing a little more to get those Achievements. They also help you find favorite games that you and your online friends might have in common.

Do I sound like Microsoft marketing rep yet? As it stands, the Xbox 360 is the best video game console I've ever owned. It provides a great experience. Microsoft really nailed it with this Xbox iteration.

When Sony and Nintendo come around, it will be interesting to see how they compare. Nintendo has already proved to me that the DS is just a more entertaining handheld for gaming. So far, the Wii seems that it will offer a refreshing experience, so I'm looking forward to it.

Sony has some interesting tech in the PS3, and games like Final Fantasy and Resistance: Fall of Man will probably reel me in. But my expectations are extremely low since they've made choices that bug me (no rumble, same old controller form factor, forcing Bluray). Not all is doom and gloom, but Sony just hasn't been winning cool points with me for the last several years (poor quality products all around, sans TVs and cameras).

I'll do a side-by-side comparison of each when I have them all and see where I think they stand.


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