Tuesday, August 01, 2006

August games I've got my eyes on

Dead Rising - Xbox 360 - Release date: 08/08/2006
Every time I see a video for this game I just want to "chop 'til I drop". When it comes to weapons, I like options. I especially like melee. Dead Rising seems that it will provide all of the above. We shall see.

Enchanted Arms
- Xbox 360 - Release date: 08/29/2006
The first non-knights-in-lame-shining-armor-and-non-first-person RPG for the 360. Who wouldn't be excited? Oblivion was a game that I just couldn't enjoy, but Enchanted Arms looks to be more my style.

Xenosaga Episode III - PS2 - Release date: 08/29/2006
No, I still haven't completed Episode II. No matter; the release of the final episode will totally invigorate me. I can only pray that Square-Enix can get ahold of this license and fix it someday. It's still a great break from Final Fantasy 27,000.

FF7: Dirge of Cerebus - PS2 - Release date: 08/15/2006
This game better be cool...there's been way too much FF7 hype in the last year. When watching a room mate cruise through it, the nostalgia was insane. The videos thus far have been enticing.


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