Sunday, August 13, 2006

Bluray becoming an indirect problem for the PS3?

Looks like Warner released some movies on HD-DVD and Bluray format: Training Day, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, and Rumor Has It. brings us the overview.

Suffice to say, HD-DVD wins out again. The Bluray camp really needs to get a handle on their inferior-looking product.

Could the Bluray logo end up hurting the PS3? If consumers end up viewing Bluray as a failed and/or inferior format, then seeing a Bluray logo on a PS3 box may make them think twice.

Should I mention that the name HD-DVD is inherently better for the consumer than Blu-ray? When a non-geek hears Blu-ray, it means nothing. HD-DVD's meaning is obvious. High Definition DVD. The consumer doesn't need to know the back story, or even which company is providing it.

Again, if Blu-ray continues to be have a lesser picture, sub-par and over-priced players, and an outdated codec, then they might as well dig their own grave.

So far, this format war doesn't seem like it is going to last very long. Even we really need a new format?


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