Monday, August 14, 2006

I couldn't help it...

Joystiq points us to a Xbox 360 vs PS3 mockup size comparison. More comment riots ensued. I could only play follow the leader my opinion. Here are some excerpts of my comment:

God that PS3 is an abomination. It's such a hideous wanna-be-futuristic design that looks like a smashed hotdog airplane. I don't want the batmobile on display in my living room, I want something simple that isn't an eyesore. The PS3 makes me think of that stupid high school kid that wore distracting clothes and had an idiot's haircut just to get attention that no one wanted to give him/her.

The Japanese are hard for Sony, so I don't think the size is going to matter that much for them. Sony offers everything over there from home electronics to makeup to insurance. Lipstick must be $100, HDCP compatible, and only comes in one color because they've made the choice for you.


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