Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Xbox 360 Upcoming Accessories Preview

We've got some good looking accessories coming our way, except for maybe that HD-DVD drive. Then again, a stand alone HD-DVD player is huge, Bluray players are huge, and the PS3 is huge. I still don't see what all the HD-DVD and Bluray fuss is about.

I'm growing quite accustomed to the "white" theme of the Xbox 360, although I still wish they would provide other colors. Consistency is important, and I'll take the white/gray/green motif over the "black with ridges" design of the PS2 (which felt so...80s), the "kiddie fun" design of the Gamecube, and the BIG design of the original Xbox.

The steering wheel looks solid, and such is indicated in the commentary. Thus far, I've been unsuccessful in playing a game effectively with a wheel and pedals. Could this change that? I doubt it, but I'd love to give it a go anyway.

That wireless headset is somewhat of a godsend. I get so sick of the headset cord dangling on me. This is one that just cannot come fast enough. I do know that a Bluetooth headset exists, but the official wireless headset is half the price and better looking.

As for the camera, it seems that it will be a nice addition to any Xbox Live setup. I'm mostly interested to see how it will be used in games besides video-chatting.

Now for a good question: Where is the PC wireless adapter for the 360 controllers?


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