Wednesday, August 23, 2006

*winces in fear of getting shot* Super Smash Bros Killer?

The blogger formerly known as Sense points us to a couple of character photos from Gastronaut's upcoming XBLA title: Small Arms.

While Richard points to that frickin' mean lookin' chicken, I'm going to say that this Snipin' Assassin Swine is damn dirty dangerous lookin'.

From commenters who have feasted eyes upon the gameplay video, some are already seeming to write the game off as a Super Smash Brothers clone. The similarity in gameplay is quite obvious, but I bet this game will be able to stand on its own.

I never liked Super Smash Brothers as it felt to me like a wimpy fighter that's main benefit was 4-player gaming. Adding ballistic weapons to the scene and some less "cute" characters will probably make for a better combination. I'm sorry, but I never felt Mario and the gang were meant to be in the fighting genre. Then again, with online multiplayer support with voice, SSBM could be a lot more entertaining.

More than likely, Small Arms will succeed for those who didn't like SSBM, but may not sit well with SSB fans.


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