Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Burnout 5 to be rebuilt from the ground up brings to our attention a little info about the future of reckless driving, a.k.a. the next Burnout.

The blogger probably didn't know that it is old news that the next Burnout installment would be an open world in the vein of the latest Test Drive game. If memory serves correctly, I learned about these plans from Game Informer several issues back.

Paradise City, with an infrastructure of traffic-heavy roads, is where the action will take place, and every intersection of the city said to be a potential crash junction.

The good news to me is that they plan on building the game from the ground up:

"Burnout 5 is a complete reinvention of the series, built from the ground up for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360" -Alex Ward, Director of Game Design, Criterion Games

Hopefully this means they will build the game complete anew, making for a fresh experience. Although I didn't care for the Test Drive demo on XBL, I do want to see a Burnout twist on the idea. Drive once, crash anywhere.

Sounds like a blast to me, I can't wait.


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