Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Not much going on, my top 5 FPS'?

Wow, there has just not been much news lately that I've deemed worthy to say anything about.

Sony's up to their usual shennanigans, Microsoft is taking advantage of Sony's vacancy on the market, and Nintendo is essentially mute until their next scheduled annoucement.

As for games, I feel like I'm missing out of the Dead Rising train. DemolitionNinja STILL hasn't bought the game, but he failed to complete Enchanted Arms and returned it. My friends list seems to consist of Battlefield and Saints Row players (I didn't like either game).

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Besides that, I was thinking this morning of my top 5 FPS games. This list will change as I experience other games, but as it stands:

  1. Aliens vs Predator 2

  2. Halo 2

  3. Metroid Prime 2

  4. Metroid Prime

  5. Counterstrike

Quake 4, PDZ, COD2, and Prey were all great games on their own merits. But the 5 games listed above are always entertaining to me. I can play them whenever and enjoy it. If Metroid Prime 3 ever gets online multiplayer, then its predecessors spots will definitely be threatened. Unfortunately, the DS's own MP Hunters is just too uncomfortable for me to thoroughly enjoy.

I'm looking forward to FEAR, Resistance: FOM, and Timeshift. I'm doubting that any FPS games coming out in the next few months will dethrone my above preferences though.


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