Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Games, games, games!

Today is a good news day, at least for Xbox 360 owners. Mainly because the games are coming, and they are looking good.

According to Gamespot, Tiger Woods '07 doesn't seem to be more of the same, and it will have a decent amount of courses. At least a dozen courses were seen, leaving double of its predecessor's lacking Next-Gen debut. A stressed point is the increased difficulty. And naturally, we'll see some better efforts on the graphical front.

As apprehensive as I am toward Guitar Hero (I prefer to play "for real"), IGN reports that Activision should be releasing the next version on all platforms. This is good news for those unembarrased by madly pressing rainbow-colored buttons on a Fischer-Price-My-First-Guitar-looking controller. All console supporters should "rock out" equally, no?

And on the RPG front, xboxyde brings us a throng of screenshots and a gameplay video of the highly-anticipated "Lost Odyssey" by Mistwalker. Being from the creators of Final Fantasy, it's already looking to far exceed the JRPG debut of the big wedge of cheese Enchanted Arms.

Goodbye, Summer Drought. Hello, Holiday Madness!


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