Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Wii FTW?

News as of late seems a bit regurgitated, or barely worth mentioning.

No other choice but to talk Wii!

Analysts are back at it again, suggesting that the Wii will don the boxing gloves and no go unseen like its predecessor. Nintendo has proven their strategy with the DS which undoubtly will have an effect of reeling in 3rd party publishers which they've not had solid support from since the SNES days.

Even Japan's own Famitsu is guessing that the Wii will dethrone the old PS2. The reasoning revolves around the pick-up-and-play allure of the device. Potential gamers will see how fun and easy the Wii is, so of course they are more likely to get sucked in. The underlying tone here is that the 360 and PS3 come off as complicated, and don't look like they could be for anyone.

On a personal level, this somewhat factors in to my set decision on buying a Wii. I have a feeling it will be refreshing, just like the DS was. Especially as of late, when my mood has me sticking with casual games instead of delving into my recent RPG purchases (KOTOR, Enchanted Arms, Xenosaga III). If anything, the Wii will complete my rig in that I expect it to provide me with less-involving titles (sans Metroid 3).

Is Nintendo ready for a comeback? I guess we'll see.


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