Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Microsoft flips Sony "the bird" by adding 1080p support

Naturally, we'd expect joystiq and kotaku to be all over this enlightening information.

I'm glad Microsoft is able to continously obliterate Sony's already faltered credibilty. High Def movies? Check. True HD gaming? Check. Solid Online support? Check. Oh wait, Sony doesn't have that last one yet.

Now the tear-welling-in-eyes Sony fanboys have one less thing to fall back on. However, Blu-ray-for-games, built in-wireless networking, Bluetooth, bigger out-of-box hard drive, and a handful of strong exclusives are nothing easily shunned (well, wireless is).

Also worth noting on the flip-side of the coin is that Microsoft can still produce 360's with built-in wireless, Bluetooth, and bigger hard drives without negatively affecting early adopters (should demand necessitate such). They also seem to be doing quite well in the exclusive department, with its recent successes of Saints Row and Dead Rising. And more are coming.

One can only wonder who will be doing what when the dust settles.


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