Monday, September 25, 2006

The media working for and against Sony (price reduction)

Video-gaming-blog frequenters already know that the PS3 price-drop is only for Japan.

Apparently, the message is coming across differently.

My work pager gives me news updates whether I want them or not. It had a message under "Entertainment" that Sony was lowering the price (without being specific to region).

The pizza delivery man from yesterday who jokingly calls us "the video game house" even brought up that the PS3 was being lowered in price to compete. I was extremely engrossed in Dead Rising, but I was trying to tell him that the price drop is only for Japan. DemolitionNinja was paying him, I don't think he was listening.

Sony gets free advertising, and possibly some patched wounds on price in the general mindshare. Well, at least temporarily until the truth comes about.

Are we going to have a bunch of people who think the price is going down in the US? If Sony sticks to their claim, will disappointment/unpreparedness ensue for the original $499/599 price tags that Phil suggests are imminent?

I find it highly amusing that this proves how valuable internet media is. All other media information gets outdated before it's released (including word of mouth).


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